You are gods

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The truth is that the spiritual world always shapes and fashions the physical world. God created the heavens and the earth and everything, animate and inanimate, human and inhuman, that is in them.

God created us to live victorious, fruitful, productive, healthy, wealthy, and long lives. It takes gods, who live in the consciousness of their God source, to life beyond limits. This book will inspire and charge you into this realization and this experience.

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Author: Imeh David
Pages: 138
ISBN: 978-978-5760-8-9
Published: 2020

The greatest discovery there is on Planet earth is that man is a junior god. If dogs reproduce dogs, elephants reproduce elephants, lions reproduce lions, and human beings reproduce other human beings, then God reproduces gods.In this volume, you’ll discover your place as a god. It will expose you to the power gods have, and how they – gods – always exercise rule over ordinary men, as well as determine circumstances of life. Junior gods have the capacity for solutions average men don’t have.

When you come to a place of understanding that you’re created in the Almighty God’s selfsame image, and that you’re permanently connected to the flow of His wisdom and power through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, then you’ll always cheaply shatter every self-doubt, every self-limitation, and scale all life’s hurdles.

This is your access to true spiritual enlightenment and error-proof spiritual understanding that leads to lasting spiritual satisfaction and fulfillment.

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