The Power of Contributions: Impact on Legacies

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Do you realize that the milieu we have found ourselves is the contributors’ world? They take and seize everything noblest, most significant, choicest, richest, healthiest, and most fulfilling. They leave only the crumbs for the rest.

From your modest place, do you want to know how to participate in the best things and win big in life -extraordinary success class, the big league, five-star business generals, front line professionals, top-flight executives, and exceptional leaders? Then, get drunk with the spirit of making contributions! This is what this book is all about.

It will inspire you into taking your place, making your unique offerings, creating impact and leaving legacies.

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Product Description

Author: Imeh David
Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-978-5760-7-2
Published: 2020

Despite the challenges we humans face day by day, the world is still a very beautiful place to be, and a particularly worthwhile experience to have. It’s our contributions that make life a theme park.

Interestingly, no one’s offering is insignificant, but every body’s contribution is important, and especially your own really counts. There are always people out there that need what you have to give. Their growth, success, and happiness depend on your contribution. And the good news is that you have something that is unique to add, something the whole world is waiting for because none else will provide the solution you can make.

This author takes you into the discovery of how your contribution is the secret code to life’s deepest joy; and your master key to your true fulfillment both here and hereafter.

You’ll also get to learn that there’s far more room for contributions ahead, and how you can arise to make a difference in the world. Indeed, this book will help you to answer one of the most important questions in life: how do you want history to remember you?

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