The Mind: Your Amazing Power to Take BIG Places


The mind determines the success of each of us more than anything else in the world. Even God is limited by the quality of the thoughts and pictures we hold in our minds; he can’t help us beyond what we think or imagine habitually.tincidunt.

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Author: Imeh David
Pages: 77
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ISBN: 978-978-5760-0-3
Book Description:
There is an incredible power within your reach to change any situation you don’t want in your life and this book communicates inspiring ideas from research findings and truths that have the power to either start or reinforce a change of mind in you, the reader.

You’ll discover through this book that your thinking and feeling habits make you either a magnet (attracting force) or a non-magnet, a dispelling force. You’ll learn how to make yourself a powerful force that attracts only good things such as opportunities, fortune, abundance, health, vision helpers, promotions, good fellows, favor, and goodwill.

This eBook is a great inspirational resource and classic guidance on how to develop yourself into a person of influence, power, and astronomical success. I’m persuaded that as you read it, you’ll certainly come to the place of full insight into the value and potency of thoughts and emotions in the affairs of men, and how to garner this force in propelling yourself to the top. See you at the topmost top!

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