Extraordinary Leadership

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The world is in an elastic season of extraordinary leadership. The changes it undergoes are penetrating, the pace is lightning speed, and the scope is all-time large. Common leadership can no longer fit the contemporary demands.

First, this book takes you to that level of awareness. Second, it persuades, with the hope of convincing you, that you are that great and extraordinary leader the world has been waiting for. Third, it shows you how this kind of leadership culminates in true fulfillment.

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Product Description

Author: Imeh David
No. of Pages: 167
ISBN: 976-978-5760-5-8
Published: 2020

Book Description:
This book makes a strong case that impactful leadership is the surest path not only to enduring greatness but also to true fulfillment. It explores the different theories of leadership and brings out the fact that leaders are not necessarily born, but that each of us has been built and wired for extraordinary leadership.

It predicates the capacity of leadership to influence follower-ship on the engagement of sound principles of leadership by the leader, and the committed development of values and consistent exhibition of desirable qualities by him. It shows that these factors make leadership such a powerful force for good and advancement in the world.

The author further highlights that as the society is increasingly undergoing change and progress in all areas, so also leadership is fast transforming from autocratic and command technique to the democratic, participative, and collaborative style which fits today’s highly connected and networked world. And people with growth mindset, both youths and adults, are exploiting the power in leadership, doing amazing things, creating impact, and emerging extraordinary leaders.

Mentoring is also examined as an extension of leadership, filling its role of raising up other leaders who will succeed the present generation of leaders and sustain the momentum of change, progress, and advancement in the world.

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