Covenant Access to Wealth

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God still plays a major role in making people rich. And you and I have the privilege to enter into a strong partnership with Him to secure His marvelous help for our lasting business breakthroughs, career success, and wealth building. This book shows you how to balance your spiritual development and material prosperity.

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Product Description

Author: Imeh David
ISBN: 978-978-5760-4-1
Pages: 122
Published: 2020

The book, Covenant Business and Covenant Wealth, delves into the deep binding relationship between God and all human beings, called the Covenant. God initiated it as a veritable platform to continually bless us in all areas of life, if only we commit to loving and obeying Him.

It shows a most convincing proof of God’s unbreakable and unbroken commitment to this agreement through an Oath He swore to confirm, ratify and seal it. He did this because human beings take oaths seriously.

Through reading this book, you’ll be so inspired and empowered to stand on the Covenant for amazing exploits in your business, career, and for your enthronement financially in life. You can also engage the awesome power which understanding of the Covenant supplies to access abundant health, divine protection, divine direction, work promotions, long life, as well as marital bliss and great family.

The Covenant is God’s most powerful, most sure and most enduring guarantee to you to break all shackles of mediocrity, stagnation, near success syndrome, poverty, business failure, barrenness, untimely death, ill health, and so on. The Covenant is the carrier of all the solutions you need in life. Test and see for yourself.

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