Capacity Building for Mega Breakthroughs

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In this book, Building Capacity for Huge Breakthroughs, you’ll learn how to use both your left and right brains, and the vital strategies of maximizing your thoughts and imaginations.

You’ll also be inspired into developing and sharpening skill sets that will make you relevant in this 21st century, the ways to tremendously enhance your innovation capacity, and the keys to innovate and stand out in whatever you do.

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Product Description

Author: Imeh David
Pages: 141
Words: 39,060
ISBN: 978-978-5760-1-0
Published: 2020

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Book Description: You certainly have a massive and unstoppable capacity for extraordinary breakthroughs. In your field, whatever it is, you can be the leader consistently. This book exposes you, in a convincing manner, to how you can connect and combine your ideas, emotions, and actions into supercharged energy that will deliver the results you want, be it in your business, career, health, and fulfillment.

You’ll learn how to enter into higher gears of creativity and engage the dynamics of innovation to produce immense breakthroughs. It’s indeed an exploration of your wonderful capability for incredible success in the world.

This book will certainly take you into the place of “extra push” and bring you into the world of the big leap. You’re welcome!

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