We’ll use this as a political platform to encourage all to Get Involved in the process of promoting, supporting, and defending democracy.

Get Involved Platform, GIP, is born to connect people who believe in good governance and impactful leadership of states and communities, and to sensitize the masses that people of integrity in positions of power and authority should be appreciated, encouraged, and defended.It also seeks to highlight qualities that make great leaders all over the world so that intending public office holders who discover that they have such qualities would draw strength and encouragement to aspire for leadership positions in the future.

Generally, those who struggle for power through vying for one elective office or the other, do everything possible to discredit occupiers of the offices they’re interested in, even when those persons and governments are performing. They use all kinds of tactics to misinform the public about the good ones in high offices, all aimed at misleading the people to support them in their bid to try to wrestle power from performing incumbents.

This forum will put things in the right perspectives so that members of the public, through the proper awareness and enlightenment, can make informed decisions on what political actions to take.

The discussions will be robust; comparisons will be made between international and national scenarios, and between national and local situations.

It is hoped that the knowledge that will be generated, the information that will be shared, and the social connections that will emerge, will in no small measure influence sound choices, strengthen political consciousness, and encourage more and more persons to pick interest and get involved in all matters of public interest that concern good governance and impactful leadership.

This way, present leaders that have strategic visions to fit today and tomorrow will be encouraged to continue their good works, and new leaders that have the right qualities and compelling visions to greatly improve the future, shall have been inspired to emerge.

Get Involved is basically an online political discussion platform that is aimed at generating reader engagement through positive comments, well-considered opinions, informed analyses and shares on good governance and impactful leadership in the world but with particular focus on Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria.

The essence is to examine practical development and progress of the state in terms actual execution of life-touching projects against the background of government policies and agendas. We also see how these projects impact directly or indirectly on the welfare of the people. The essence is to spread this knowledge and information to as many persons as possible.

This is important because when people are politically informed and enlightened about how the state government responds to the yearnings of the masses, it makes it possible for them to stand by that government, and defend it as a measure of preserving their destiny and improving their future.

Politics (https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/politics) is a range of “actions and activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society.” Personally, I see politics basically as the process through which political power is attained for the purpose of employing the laws, resources and institutions of the state to provide common good for the generality of the people in a given area.

Politics is the engine that drives the government. As a matter of fact, the government uses politics as the main vehicle to carry out its activities. Unfortunately, some people misinterpret politics as being associated with evil. Perhaps the element of elections in politics which has to do with “struggle” for control of power is the source of the misunderstanding. But a close look reveals that politics is the principal vehicle for developing the world and advancing civilization.

Politics has brought unquantifiable gains to the society. Politics produced great leaders who have contributed to shaping the world and fulfilling the destinies of states and nations such as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, and Udom Emmanuel.

Politics has been the major driver of many facets of development including economic, technological, agricultural, educational, social, cultural, and so on, in the society. That’s why all of us have got to be involved.

When the citizens of a state are nonchalant towards the dissemination of the seeds of virtue and knowledge of a good government, that government no matter how people-oriented and performing it is, may be seriously misunderstood and even misrepresented. There has to be focused, concentrated, repetitive approach to the transfer of information and ideas about a government that governs well and impacts significantly. That’s why you and I have got to be concerned.

I don’t see politics as just attacking a particular government on the social media or through any other medium, even when it executes programmes that are beneficial to the masses, just because you hold a different political opinion.

So the involvement isn’t a negative one aimed at tearing down the government, it’s a positive one focused on making your best contributions towards the success of the government. Truth is that it’s not possible to down or bury a popular government.

What makes a government popular? It’s the willingness, capacity, and consistent demonstration of that government to meet the needs and yearnings of the people through adequate engagement of the institutions and resources of the state. When a government is committed to this, the people know it.

Particularly, we’ll use this platform to carefully review Udom Emmanuel’s First Term 5-Point Agenda and his Second Term 8-Point Agenda respectively, to examine how these programmes impact upon the economic progress of Akwa Ibom State.

How can we be involved? We can be involved in seeking to know the truth about government performance. Once we see that the government is making sincere efforts about development, we’ve got to be concerned by spreading the news, sharing the information, telling it from the mountain tops, whether from the mountain of the Internet or the hills of our mobile phones, computers, tablets, and so on.

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