This is ImehDavid.Net is an online platform for essential services to you and humanity.

We aim at inspiring you through sharing with you vital facts, all-time truths, and tested-principles that will ingrain in you the mind-set and heart-set that uplifts you from all limiting beliefs into the realms of breaking limits and breakthroughs in your business or career. True and lasting success is the progressive realization of your God-ordained, predetermined goals in all the ten, not some, vital areas of life, as follows:

(i) Spiritual
(ii) Educational/Training
(iii) Career/Work
(iv) Self-development
(v) Financial/business/investment
(vi) Family/Relationships
(vii) Physical/Material
(viii) Health and Long life
(ix) Safety and Security
(x) Contributions to Humanity.

Our vision is to inspire individuals and groups to rise like strong nations in their business and career pursuits to provide landmark solutions that make humanity live better.

Our mission is to share deep, inspiring knowledge that will get people thinking in a new way, aligning their thought patterns with God’s and breaking new frontiers in business and career.

At the heart of our message is that you can change any situation or circumstance by first changing your attitude of thoughts. The most significant and determinative change in your life is a change in your attitude.The meaning and impact of circumstances are not in the circumstances themselves, but in your attitude towards them.

Through your various engagements with us on our platforms, we shall have helped you to:

(i) think in new and better ways;
(ii) form attitudes that shatter fear and boost confidence in yourself;
(iii) understand financial literacy and build sustainable wealth;
(iv) get loaded with the faith to always launch out;
(v) always innovate profitably in your business or career;
(vi) cultivate a convivial relationship with family and networks with friends
(vii) walk the right spiritual (covenant) path; and
(viii) relish peace of mind, good health, and fulfillment.

In short, we want to assist you to become a far better version of yourself. It’s a journey of inspiration that will empower you to be the very best, a market leader in your own right, a go-getter of no mean stuff, a money spinner that always sees buck where others see trash, through lots of creativity and innovation to always have a Plan B when others are stuck with only Plan A.

Ways we serve you include:  

(i) Several eBooks and printed books on inspiration, self-development, business, spiritual well-being, and so on.
(ii) Blog posts, and
(iii) Coaching and mentoring.

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